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This was the BEST audio consultation I have ever had! Past DoD / VA / Private consults can't begin to measure up to the thoroughness of this visit. Ellen Stevens and the staff get max scores in my "4 P's": Prompt, Polite, Professional and Personable. I was given a complete exam and provided with detailed results and recommendations to take with me on my appointment with the Veterans Administration. Bar None, This was the BEST!
jerry kelly, on Google
I was amazed at the outstanding & fantastic service I received for my first visit with Ellen. Such a pleasant person & boy does she know her stuff!!👍☺👍 They offered small cookies & light refreshments in the lobby which was a treat & the gal got me checked in right away. Very little wait time to be seen.😊 The appt. took longer then I thought it was going to but Ellen just made the time fly right by. She's so sweet & she was very thorough in giving me my first hearing test in a very long time.👍 Also she helped me in details to complete a Hear Now Application since I'm a bit financially strapped with a little more than a 50% hearing loss. .....If I get approved I'll finally be able to hear again hopefully without always asking What, Please repeat that I'm sorry, etc. to many others. It's a long drive for me from where I live but with Ellen being there it was well worth the trip!!👍 Click the like button please if you agree or like my review.... Thanks!!✌☺
Julie Nelson, on Google
I have been going to this center for 8 years. Have been very satisfied with Ellen and her staff!!!!
Paulette G, on Google
My experience At Affordable Hearing was great. I hadn't had a hearing test since childhood. I was stunned to find out that I hearing loss in both ears.. Ellen is very good in teaching you how to use hearing aides and I was very comfortable during the testing. I would recommend her to all of my friends/family. I love hearing again. Thank you Ellen.
Janet thurman-ginther, on Google
I've been seeing Ellen at Affordable Hearing now for several years. She has always been very helpful and informative, but today I was amazed. I took my wife, Cyndy, with me for the first time. Ellen adjusted and cleaned my hearing aids as always, but then spent nearly an hour educating us both on how to communicate. I teased her that she did a great job as a marriage counselor because she showed my wife what sounds were nearly impossible for me to hear and then taught her how to talk to me and taught me how to respond to her so that she could know that I had heard her.. What surprised us both was recording Cyndy's normal speech and then demonstrate what I heard both with and without my hearing aids. It proved to us both the necessity of learning to do a better job of communicating. Ellen doesn't just sell hearing aids, she teaches you how to use them. She is an exceptional person.
Cliff Mills, on Google

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