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My experience At Affordable Hearing was great. I hadn't had a hearing test since childhood. I was stunned to find out that I hearing loss in both ears.. Ellen is very good in teaching you how to use hearing aides and I was very comfortable during the testing. I would recommend her to all of my friends/family. I love hearing again. Thank you Ellen.
Janet thurman-ginther, on Google
I've been seeing Ellen at Affordable Hearing now for several years. She has always been very helpful and informative, but today I was amazed. I took my wife, Cyndy, with me for the first time. Ellen adjusted and cleaned my hearing aids as always, but then spent nearly an hour educating us both on how to communicate. I teased her that she did a great job as a marriage counselor because she showed my wife what sounds were nearly impossible for me to hear and then taught her how to talk to me and taught me how to respond to her so that she could know that I had heard her.. What surprised us both was recording Cyndy's normal speech and then demonstrate what I heard both with and without my hearing aids. It proved to us both the necessity of learning to do a better job of communicating. Ellen doesn't just sell hearing aids, she teaches you how to use them. She is an exceptional person.
Cliff Mills, on Google
I have been going there for 7 years. Always get best service from Ellen and Amy! They are the greatest! Would definitely recommend them! Sure miss seeing her cute dog now. Hope some day she can bring him back!
Janna Friend, on Google
I have been a client of Affordable Hearing in Broomfield for 5 years now and their team has helped me immensely in business and in my personal life with their wonderful testing, services, and hearing products. I started with this office when I lived in the Broomfield area, and now that I live in Parker, about 45 miles to the south, I still commute north to this office because they are such professionals and truly care about my hearing needs and concerns. They have always been extremely responsive to my needs and I visit them multiple times a year to adjust my hearing aids as needed. I like that they provide me with reasonably priced extended warranties on my hearing devices so that I don't have to worry about fees for each visit. I could not be happier than working with Ellen, Amy, and Aranza over the last 5 years.
Paige Hiatt, on Google
Over a year ago I was looking for new hearing aids for replacement to my older models. I attended a seminar at a different hearing establishment and was interested in the Tinnitus option of one of the models. The hearing aids were great but the prices quoted at that time were not in line with my affordability. I did some research and found Affordable Hearing Center in Broomfield carried these particular hearing aids at reduced prices. The staff was very good at diagnosing my hearing loss and setting up the Tinnitus options and best of all the prices were significantly lower. Later when my father was complaining of hearing difficulty I took him over to Affordable Hearing. I was amazed at how well the staff worked with a 92 year old. My father now has his first set of hearing aids. He looks forward to putting them on in the morning so he can hear. My experience with Affordable Hearing has been very positive.
Mi ck, on Google

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